Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Queen of Hearts

Not only do we read here, but Panda has a pretty stringent Music policy.

We start the Day with the lovely Lauren Lavern on BBC6 Music Morning Show, then we tend to freestyle it with Last FM, but again she's got it trained better then a submissive at an S&M festival.

Anyway thats to the wonderful Spindle Magazine the fuzzy Lumox that is the Panda discovered this lovely Lady: Queen of Hearts.

I am Queen of Hearts

Now this wonderful pop confectionary is SO new that you'll be hard pressed to find a full length track on the web, however the Panda has a finely tuned schnozzle and she tracked one down Curtsey of Guardian Music

Panda's been playing it TO DEATH, however unlike the omnipresent chanteuse that is 'pity me my tax bill is so high I could single handedly end the recession' Adele, this track is growing and growing on us, in fact we can't get enough of it, we want MORE!

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