Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Aces Weekly First Birthday Bash

Next Monday 30th September 2013 will see the First Year Celebration of Aces Weekly Publishing online!

The Missed Deadline Crew will be there enforce to celebrate along with the master of ceremonies himself David Lloyd as well as creators David Hine, Paul McCaffrey, Jasper Bark, Steve Marchant, Chris Geary, Kev Hopgood and Carlos Pascoa and MANY more!

Subscription members will receive an automatic invite, for further information on the event click here for the Aces facebook page!

If by chance you've not heard of or read Aces Weekly you can do so here: 

It's a web only comic, to wet your appetite before subscribing click Here: for exclusive story teasers. 

Master minded by David Lloyd of V for Vendetta Fame Aces weekly gathers talents from the US, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, China, New Zealand, Brazil and the Philippines.  

Subscribing will give you immediate access to exclusive previously unpublished stories by renowned creators including; Dave Hine, Shaky Kane, Paul McCaffery, Jasper Bark, Alfa Robbiz, Mark Montague, Rory Walker, Stephen Baskerville, PLUS the legendary Herb Trimpe, Jimmy Broxton, Guy Adams, David Lloyd, Dave Jackson, Mark Wheatley, John McCrea, Phil Hester, Val Mayerik, James Hudnall, Yishan Li, Henry Flint, Esteban Hernandez,  Laura Scarpa,  Stephen Baskerville, Dan Christensen, Batton Lash, James Hudnall and Val Mayerik. 

A full list of names and Bios can be found Here:

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Nine Worlds 2013

This year was the first 'Geek Fest' other wise know as 'Nine Worlds'.

Nine Worlds Flyer 2013

The whole of the Missed Deadline team were there en-force with the creme de la creme of the comics world.

Missed Deadline cover 2011
Billed under the 'Indie Comics' #comics stream we presented multiple panels including:

'Humour in Comics' with David Leach, hosted by Alex Fitch.

Psycho Gran by David Leach

'The Men who Laughed' with David Hine and Mark Stafford, talking about their recent publication 'The Man Who Laughs' published by Self Made Hero again hosted by Alex Fitch.

'The Man Who Laughs cover by artwork by Mark Stafford

'Rian Hughes in conversation' hosted by the lovely Kerensa Bryant of 'Geek Girl'. Rian discussed his career to date and the many and varied beautiful publications he has produced.

We were lucky enough to have exclusive interview with Glenn Fabry by Alan Mitchell discussing Glenn's career to date and his new project with Duncan 'Moon/ Source Code' Jones, entitled 'Mute'.

Artwork for 'Mute' for Duncan Jones by Glenn Fabry
We hosted panels with several creators discussing subjects close to our hearts and minds.

Starting with Chris Geary and Mark Stafford discussing their careers in comics and most recent projects
International Aces logo artwork by Chris Geary

We then moved into a discussion from three generations of female comics creators including myself, and Jessica Martin hosted by Kerensa Bryant.

artwork Jessica.S.Kemp
Jessica S Kemp, Jessica Martin & Kerensa Bryant

Jessica Martin shows her work to the audience

First thing the next day we started with the wonderful Dan Boultwood discussing his new project, 'It Came!' with Titan ComicsKerensa again hosted.

'It Came!' cover art by Dan Boultwood

Kerensa Bryant and Dan Boultwood
A tour deforce (as always) was Tim Pilcher.

Tim Pincher
Tim was a guest on multiple panels both in the Indie #comics programme and as part of the Nine Worlds main programme. As well as sitting in on the 'Who'd work in comics' panel.

left to right Jessica S Kemp, Dan Boultwood, Mark Stafford, Glenn Fabry, Tim Pilcher, David Leach, Chris Geary, Rian Hughes
Tim also talked about 'Comic Book Babylon' his self published memoir about his time with DC Comics' London.
Comic Book Babylon Icons.
In the traders hall was the wonderful Grant Perkins showcasing his artwork and taking on commissions. It was also possible to purchase copies of Chris Geary's 'International Ace's'

Grant Perkins at work
Grant Perkins 
Grant Perkins artwork 
Bang next to him on the Nine Worlds Merchandise table was the the equally wonderful Rob Breen of Bakso the online print on demand t-shirt service. Bakso produced the official Nine Worlds T-shirts as well as printing the winners of the Nine Worlds T-shirt design competition, all of which proved incredibly popular. We will be launching a 'Missed deadline' Merchandise where you will be able to purchase designs I produced exclusively for nine worlds as well as some of the other artists that appeared at Nine Worlds 2013. Which will be produced by Bakso.

The Bakso Crew
Bakso Crew in discussion



Special thanks and mini bios about the team who were integral to making everything happen.

Kerensa Bryant

Kerensa Bryant of Geek Girl, an incredible inspiration, grounding force and voice of reason at every con, event and escapade we've ever been on. Her Twitter can be found Here and Blog Here

Damian Schofield 

Damian Schofield partner in crime for more years then I care to remember general all round dude, inadvertent chauffer and budding comics artist who's work can be found Here.

Jessica Staton

Jessica Staton Photographer, Caretaker of the Anger Balloons, Blue eyed Amazon and general all round Amazing nut bag of joy, Jess IS Hot Mess design, see more of her work Here and Twitter account Here.

Jessica Chatburn, Rob Breen and Jamie Davey

Rob Breen, Jess Chatburn & Jamie Davey of Bakso Thank you to all three of you for helping out on the day and coming to a few panels, I really appreciate all the hard work and have to say the t-shirts are looking incredible! May there be many more.

Nevs Coleman

Nevs Coleman a one man encyclopaedia of EVERYTHING thats happened, drawn, written in, about or in reference to comics since the DAWN OF TIME. Nev's blog can be found Here and his Twitter feed is Here.

We'd all like to thank Ludi Valentine and the rest of the team at Nine Worlds for inviting us along. Special thanks goes to one of the most incredible technical teams I have ever worked with at a con and also the lovely Emma Peel who ran a tight ship in the retail area.

All Photos Copyright Jessica Staton @Hot Mess Design 2013 unless otherwise stated.